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London Bus, American School Bus, Add Track

One of Japan's best car body advertisements that catches the attention of many people in an instant


London Bus

A double-decker London bus with a height of 4.3m that inherits the remnants of the 1960s.
There is a retro atmosphere in the car,
It will keep your work organized.


school bus

The 8m tall yellow car has a strong presence and creates an American atmosphere.

Taking advantage of its overwhelming size,

It is the best vehicle for MV and Youtube shooting.

アドトラック,Ad Track,撮影

Ad Track

It is the most standard body that can be used for PR all over the country.We always line up more than 20 ad trucks,We will propose the best plan according to your desired target area and time.


If you can dream it,
you can do it.

One today is worth two tomorrow
Deeds, not words.




Change "surprise" to "impression"
We want to make advertisers and customers smile.
We want to continue to take on new challenges that meet the needs of the times and become a force for society.
Energize "people".
Bring excitement to people.
Create connections between people.
Upstar has fields of land, sea, and sky,
With such a vision, we will deliver excitement beyond surprise to everyone.


For vehicle advertisements and ad trucks
Leave it to Upstar Co., Ltd.!

Free consultation and document request

Business hours 9:00 ~ 18:00 (excluding Sundays and holidays)

アドトラック,Ad Track



A plan that differentiates itself from other companies, offering a unique and new
Achieve promotion

Height: 4.38m / Width: 2.43m / Length: 8.39m  
The exterior wrapping expresses the brand or service that you want to appeal to people walking around the city, and various promotions such as cruising parties, touch & try, photo events, etc. are carried out inside the car to achieve higher advertising effects.


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Impact of Mobility

Surprise people with overwhelming power using Japan's only vehicle

アドトラック,Ad Track,都内撮影

The unique appearance in Japan has a strong impact on the city of Tokyo and creates an extraordinary feeling.It will be a medium that has a very high affinity with SNS.

The official Instagram account of London Bus Night Cruising (approximately 9,500 followers *as of March 2022) will also receive daily updates on events and operation monitors, helping to spread awareness of companies and services.

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アドトラック,Ad Track,車体撮影


from many years of experience
Cultivated safety and trust
We offer.

people's "experience"
To the future of chain advertising

Recently, in the downtown area of Tokyo, there are many advertisements such as "naked eye 3D advertisement" using a large screen and "pop-up space" where a series of buildings in super prime locations are advertisements.

From "Visible Ads" to "Attractive Ads",OOH is evolving into an advertisement that can be sold in real life.In the future, it is believed that the barriers between real and online OOH will be removed more and more.

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Mobility Ad

Upstar makes use of the achievements and knowledge it has accumulated so far,

We will propose a vehicle advertisement that meets each request.

Japan's only vehicle advertising company specializing in London buses

アドトラック,Ad Track,東京撮影

London Bus

Japan's only vehicle advertising company specializing in London buses

アドトラック,Ad Track,車体撮影
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track

If you can dream it,
you can do it.
One today is worth two tomorrowDeeds, not words.


lapping area and running area,

can be customized freely,

We can make proposals according to your budget.

​First, please contact us.

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ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
都内撮影,アドトラック,Ad track
ロンドンバス撮影,アドトラック,Ad track

From retro vehicles to ad trucks

Since there are various vehicles, according to the promotion
You can use it.

Please feel free to contact us for custom car production.

For more information, please see this video

[Leave Japan's largest mobile advertising media to us]

The London bus in the car body advertisement brings a sense of incongruity to the city in a good way by taking advantage of its special characteristics.

It is one value, and it is also the London bus brand that we have cherished.

In addition, it is also effective as an “experience-based promotion”, and we believe that it will be more active in this field in the future.

We aim to grow these businesses and continuously make proposals to advertisers and customers.

For inquiries about vehicle advertisements and ad trucks,
We are always available.

Business hours 9:00 ~ 18:00 (excluding Sundays and holidays)


If you are interested in the shooting vehicle and afternoon tea bus sponsorship advertisement, click here

Business hours 9:00 ~ 18:00 (excluding Sundays and holidays)

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